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Reincarnates 03: for NeededForger

The town they were settling in for the foreseeable future was nice enough and large enough that they weren't going to stand out too much and be able to blend in pretty easily. Which, for Arthur, was as good as anything else they could expect.

As they had anticipated, the further in the city they went, the more there was available to them. Including an electronics store and a department store where they were bound to find more than novelty glassware and paper plates and anything else they may need for their new abode.

They arrived back at the house later that afternoon after exploring their surroundings, ordering the few things they needed for their home security network and buying new dishware.

It felt domestic, not that it didn't that morning or other times they holed up together, but this felt even more so for reasons he hadn't yet considered.

Once they were inside and settled in, the call to the cable and phone company made, Arthur looked over at Eames. "Do you think it's too much to hope that it was a one time occurrence?" The flash.

After all, since they made a run from the building, they hadn't had another.

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One of the reasons that Eames made such a good Forger was that he was a natural chameleon, he could fit in just about anywhere, and though he couldn't pass for a native currently -and especially not after just one afternoon among the locals- he could still easily pass for a transplant, which was exactly what he intended to do for as long as was possible.

He was unpacking the dishes, stacking them on the counter to give them a quick wash before shelving them, while Arthur made the required calls. The question didn't catch him off guard, as such, though it did surprise him a little that Arthur had been the one to broach the subject.

His brow creased, actually thinking that over, finally going with: "I think it probably is, yes. Especially knowing how the odds tend to go when it comes to us and people like us." Dreamers, that was, tended to skew the odds in wholly unpredictable ways even in the real world.
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He nodded, "We'll survive without until then, I'm sure." He replied with a small smile, tilting his head towards the newly un-boxed dishes, "Do you want to wash or dry?"

Once they'd settled in with the chore he said: "It might be some sort of side effect of long-term Somnacin use." They were still running into strange side effects aside from the loss of natural dreams, not just the two of them, but plenty of people in their profession, "But I doubt it, as I've never done a Bonnie and Clyde job. Not one that realistic and apparently historically accurate, at any rate."

That and he'd had Somnacin flashbacks before, they weren't usually that grounded in reality either, which was the other thing that was throwing him off about it.
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"It's worth asking around, if we can do it vaguely enough." A shrug, "At least to start, no need to let people know we may be losing our minds."

Mostly their kind were a fairly secretive lot, though that was by necessity as much as it was by design, but it should be easy enough to find out on general terms if people were talking about side-effects and Somnacin flashbacks that weren't entirely too much like LSD flashbacks crossed with night terrors.

He nodded, stacking the dishes neatly in the cabinets as he finished drying them, "I've a couple Chemists I can ask, they're the most likely to know about new or odd reactions, I would think."
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He nodded at that, "Same here, and it's weird enough that anyone else who's experienced it might be thinking the same thing we are, that it's better not to let on."

And that was as likely as anything else, really, because Dreamers were a secretive lot, as they both well knew.

He scratched an ear as he stacked the next plate in with the others, "Have you worked with Pixel before? I'll likely ask her first, this sort of thing is her wheelhouse. Compounds specifically for historical reenactments, that is. Among other odd specifics more to the hallucinatory end of things."
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"I suspect you're right about that, as loath as I am to say so aloud." That was definitely a tease, though not a very good one all things considered, "And if it isn't due to Somnacin use, I'm not sure that I really want to know what it is due to."

Because that would be an even wider net to cast as far as gathering information, and was bound to bring in more crazy theories and legitimately crazy people than just searching among the dreamsharing circles.

He dried and shelved the glasses just as carefully as Arthur washed them, "I'll drop Pixel a line once we've finished here, not sure what time zone she's in these days, might be a while before she's able to reply."
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It was while Eames was putting together sandwiches for dinner that his phone chimed, letting him know that he finally had a reply from Pixel.

"Pixel says she's had a few people with flashbacks, but nothing serious, so I'm guessing not to the caliber that we had, and definitely not without a reenactment beforehand to spawn it, but she'll ask around." If he knew her, she'd just do a follow-up/experience survey for anyone who'd participated in one of her historical rebuild experiments just to gather information.
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"Mm, ta." He said as he accepted the glass, taking a sip before setting it aside so he could continue working on the sandwiches, some combination of cold roast beef and warm fried eggs, with tomato and spinach and sweet white onion.

"We're probably going to run into a whole lot of nothing and have to work this out for ourselves." He shook his head, "Whatever 'this' is. I doubt it's going to be as easy as all that." But being who he was, he was curious enough to keep pursuing any information instead of just pretending it hadn't happened.
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"Probably still take a while, even with the two of us." He replied, smiling crookedly, "But we're nothing if not persistent."

Especially when they were working together on something. They'd always pushed each other in the best sort of way, and Eames didn't see that changing anytime soon.

He picked up a plate in either hand, nodding towards the table, "C'mon, let's eat and we'll see about going for a walk or something after." Mostly because Eames still wanted to get a better idea of the lay of the land, cement escape routes if they became necessary.
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It always amused Eames a little when he and Arthur shared a line of thought even without being on the dream-plane, and he was never sure if it was just their personalities, or if it was echoes of how often they'd shared a mind, how often they'd traipsed through each other's subconscious, or if it was something else entirely.

It was also something that he was going to question, or at least look at more closely, considering recent developments. But not just at the moment, right then he was going to enjoy his lunch and worry about where their minds overlapped later.

"We'll be safe enough here for a while yet, especially once we get the security set up." Though even without they had a few weeks before any of their compatriots tracked them down, and more than that for their enemies, even with their putting out feelers and asking questions, "But a good escape route is always useful to have on hand, along with enough cash to get you to the next country."
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He snorted softly, "More of them don't than do, but it always seems like it's the other way around." He could count the number of jobs he'd had that ended with violence on one hand, well, on both hands, but he'd still have fingers left over, but that was only a small percentage of the jobs he'd been on, with and without Arthur.

He took a bite of his own sandwich, chewing almost thoughtfully before he added, "Unless you've more a habit of getting shot at than I remember." He doubted that, Arthur was generally more careful than Eames was to avoid complications that could turn violent, but sometimes that wasn't always an option, depending on the employer and the job.
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"That's true." He replied, nodding, "And honestly you really oughtn't try to control that sort of thing, only gets frustrating when you aren't able to. Easier just to roll with it in the rare cases that it happens, yeah?" At least that was how Eames generally handled things, and it did seem to work for him.

There was a smile then as he asked Arthur to pass the salt, and he knew as soon as his fingers brushed Arthur's while accepting it just what was going to happen.

It was another flash.

All he knew was that they were crusaders of a sort, though just whose crusade or when, he didn't know, he remembered that their group had been sent to rout out a coven of witches, ones that could call down demons, they had been winning until someone called down a storm.

The rain was torrential and was slowly but surely winning out over the bonfires, smelling of oil and a little bit of sulfur. Most of, if not all, of the rest of the crusaders were dead, and Arthur and himself were staring each other down, Eames so, so sure that Arthur had been possessed that he himself was still untainted. Eames was just faster, knife finding its way easily between Arthur's ribs, finally meeting his eyes as he did so, murmuring an apology.

Of course, he had no way of knowing that Arthur was absolutely sure of the same thing; that Eames was the one possessed and he was the one still pure.

There was a sharp insuck of breath and the saltshaker clattered to the tabletop. Eames looked decidedly gray, and he pushed his chair away from the table, excusing himself quietly before padding away to go be sick in the bathroom sink.
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Eames had gone about brushing his teeth and then washing his hands, having to turn the water to cold almost immediately because hot was too reminiscent of Arthur's blood spilling across his fingers, something that had happened once or twice in recent memory and wasn't something he ever wanted to feel again if it could be helped.

After that he'd brushed his teeth again because he could still taste bile in the back of his throat, and he had to sit on the edge of the tub just so that he couldn't see his own face in the mirror, because that was something else he couldn't handle just then.

He knew that he should go check on Arthur -it had to have been more traumatic for him than it had been for Eames- but he couldn't quite bring himself to do so yet. Soon, certainly, but not just yet, still trying to wrap his own mind around everything he'd experienced just in those few moments.
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Eames did finally emerge after checking his totem three times just to be absolutely sure, still pale and a little drawn. The first thing he did was to draw Arthur into a hug, voice low and more than a little shaken, "I'm sorry, Arthur. I wouldn't... you know I'd never... I am so sorry."

The fact that Eames was at a loss for words was a testament to just how shaken he was, as that wasn't the sort of thing that generally happened to him, Eames who had a comeback ready for almost any situation, but not this time, it seemed.

His hands weren't shaking anymore, though that was through sheer determination more than it was any semblance of having recovered from the shock.
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Finding that Arthur was reassuringly solid and equally reassuringly present did settle him a little, though he was as reluctant as Arthur was to lose that contact.

He did, however, nod at the statement, "Good idea. I think really what I need right now is a cuppa." Either that or a drink, but it was too early in the day to start drinking, mostly because he knew after a shock to his system like that had been, alcohol was the last thing he needed, because if he started he wouldn't likely stop any time soon.

So instead he stepped away from Arthur to make sure there was water in the kettle, putting it on the stove, leaning back against the counter, "I think we can officially rule out Somnacin hangover at this point." Not that it had really been a serious consideration in the first place, but it had, at least, been somewhere on the list.
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"Well, Arthur, that would be paranormal." It was an attempt at levity, and it almost worked, though he honestly sounded more tired than anything, "Which I know sounds ridiculous, until you take into account what it is we do for a living."

He shook his head then, going about getting mugs for the tea, "Technological advancement and heavy drugs, I know, but we're bloody dream-walkers." He shook his head again, "That isn't something that normal people are capable of. So, taking that into account, is it really that difficult to believe that we've... what? Had other lives before this one? And that we've known each other in more than one of them?"

It was that difficult to believe, and furthermore he knew it, which was part of why he was speaking aloud, just to help sort out his own thoughts on the matter.
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"Have since the beginning." He agreed with a nod, going about getting mugs and tea down from the cabinet, just waiting for the water to boil, "Got under each other's skin right from the start, I think."

Mostly in a way that made people think they wanted to kill each other, and maybe sometimes they had in those early days, it had been easy to push each other's buttons as well, also right from the start, the sort of thing that Eames hadn't even thought twice about, at least not then and only rarely now.

"Still going to contact Pixel, if I know anyone who'd know a past-life-regression therapist who's not a complete charlatan it'll be her." He scrubbed a hand through his hair, shaking his head, "And that says something about my life up to this point, doesn't it?"
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"This line of work does pull in a certain sort of people." He replied, nodding, "That's a fair point. Of course, even among that certain sort there's all sorts of variety." And that was something that did still surprise him most days, that regardless of the similar vein in people drawn to the dreamsharing business, there were vast differences as well.

While Chemists did tend to be real-world scientists of some stripe, they weren't all, some of them were cooks, some were doctors. Extractors and Forgers alike tended to be thieves of some kind, but just as many Forgers were actors as well and the list just went on. He'd never really tried to map it before, to see if there really was one common thread among them all, that was too much of a task even for him.
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He just nodded at that, turning to lean back against the counter instead of watching the kettle and waiting for it to boil, as he knew it would be three minutes before then anyway, "Myself as well, though I'm not entirely sure I want to know, not if we were always cut down young." That would leave too many lives cut short, and too many chances for them to have left a life unlived.

He also had to believe, he needed to think that they'd had at least one go round where they'd gotten to die old and happy in their beds, but knowing the life they had now, and the glimpses of the lives they'd had, he wasn't entirely sure he could believe such a thing.
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"Don't know about you, but I've nearly managed that now." He did, in fact, know how old Arthur was, but he still wasn't entirely sure if he was supposed to, since most people assumed Arthur was older than he actually was, and Eames wasn't the sort of person who would out a friend that way.

The statement wasn't as much of a joke as he was trying for, and he knew just how short of the mark it had fallen, shaking his head a moment later, "Oughtn't joke about it, I suppose. Though I don't know if I can really help it."
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There was a small smile at that, fleeting and thin, but honest at least, he meant it, "Well you aren't wrong there. We could be facing down the Four Horsemen and I'd probably still find a way to crack wise about it."

Because that was just how Eames processed things, sarcasm and a certain sort of gallows humor that he'd had ever since his time in the military, and likely even before then, though it hadn't been quite so dark before then.
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"Somehow I get the feeling we'd already know if that were the case, but perhaps not. This is well out of my realm of expertise at this point."

He shook his head, "Honestly, I'd be more concerned that we're going to end up facing them than the possibility that we already have." A little shrug, "After all, historically, or at least legendarily, this sort of thing rarely goes well for the ones living through it. Though we can't have met that many times, given even a below-average life-span. There are only so many centuries between then and now."
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"Hope does spring ever-eternal." He replied, giving a little shrug. Honestly it was hope that they wouldn't have any more, but it was also a hope that if they did they wouldn't be as disturbing as the ones they'd had so far.

"We can also hope that it's just some bizarre hallucination, something brought on by repeated Somnacin usage." After all, natural dreams were the first thing to go, who was to say that they didn't come roaring back as shared waking nightmares? Though he doubted that, and it said a lot that he accepted the possibility of reincarnation over the more easily proven drug interaction.