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No Way Back - New Friends [For Artfulforger]

It had been a few days since his conversation with Peter and the resulting conversation with Eames regarding a visit from their new werewolf friend.

To be honest, there was a part of him that was looking forward to this meeting and yet, at the same time, there was a part of him that was reserved about it and truly didn't know what to expect.

The latter feeling was one he was all too familiar with. Considering his job, it was probably to be expected.

Whatever happened, it was sure to be entertaining.

One thing that came out of it though were the bestiaries that Peter had sent to him. Arthur had taken the time to merge them together into one and start the beginning of his own with what Eames and he had come across. Including the journals of Ellen Rimbauer and Joyce Reardon.

That house was forever going to be engrained into their lives. The only good thing that came out of it? Eames.

Arthur turned the desk chair around to face the forger and watched him for a moment. "Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?"

They had been out, of course. Done things together.

But he liked being able to call it a date with Eames.

It wasn't just work anymore. It wasn't running for their lives from both the mortal and now the supernatural sort. It was going out for drinks, dinner -- whatever else they decided to do that day as a couple.

He liked that.
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Life kept changing, and all of it was bringing so much into their lives. Supernatural beings. Haunted houses. Werewolf besties of his boyfriend. All of it was changing the way his life was, what their life together could be.

And Eames was almost fearful that he was coming to accept it all and it was truly becoming part of his life. That was scary, but he'd learn to accept. Just so long as Arthur was with him.

When he asked about dinner, Eames put down the papers he was looking at, looking to the other man. "That will all depend on one thing. Do you mean you need food and want me there, or is this a date?" He needed to know, not that his answer changed much but he wanted to know.
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Oh but how his face lit up when Arthur confirmed that it was definitely a date. He liked that they could have this and talk about it openly. He smiled, leaning down toward Arthur, lightly nuzzling the corner of the point man's mouth with his own.

"I guess I should dress up then, huh?" He winked at him. "Make a good showing if I'm going to be on your arm?"

Because he just couldn't help himself.
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Oh but he was being wicked, and Eames like that. A lot.

"I guess then no paisley. Just to see how crazy I could make you with the right outfit," he said, considering his options already.

"What does it for you, Darling?"
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"I do look good in a suit, don't I?" Though he looked Arthur over, taking his time to give the other man a long, slow look. "Not nearly as good as you but I guess that's my cross to bear in this world," he said, meaning it though he gave Arthur one of those wicked smirks he was good at.

"Oh? The grey then? I"ll remember that."

He was quiet a long time before telling him the answer, meaning it when he said, " You on the job. Gloves, suit, put together, and deadly. That... hard to focus on the job."
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"Do I make the comment where I tell you that I look much better out of it?" He asked, arching a brow and sounding more than amused with himself. He smiled though, definitely amused with himself. "I promise. I'll wear it. Just for you, Darling. But then maybe you should promise to take it off."

All he said and with Arthur he couldn't help himself.

"Do. I will never risk a job, but I will be thinking about it when we wake up." And he would have all he was dreaming of within the dream.

"Right. Clothes. Get ready. Out." He grinned, unable to help himself.
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"That you do, and currently you're the only one that will be getting that view again," he pointed out, wanting to make that commitment, though he knew that Arthur already knew. That didn't mean he wouldn't reenforce it, all for the sake of knowing that Arthur and he were settled.

"Right. Clothes. Sure," he said, considering. "You could put it on tonight and I could rip it off you," he noted, smirking as he moved closer to Arthur.
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Chuckling, he winked at him. "I give you every choice to show me why I shouldn't let anyone else have a touch of this," he teased. "Just for my sake," he teased.

"You doubt I could strip it down to see you naked? Really?"
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"Fine. Clothes. Out," he repeated, almost as if he was trying to convince himself. Which he might have well been trying to do. It was hard to focus on anything but Arthur when he had the chance. Hell, when he didn't know it was his right he had found it hard to concentrate on other things.

Now his secret was out about why he always seemed distracted during planning when they were on jobs together.
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"Fine. Clothes out. I'll behave," he said with a smirk, his fingers curling around Arthur's. "I like this idea though," he murmured softly, his voice filled with emotions that he hoped would show what he felt for the other man.
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"Afterwards? So not during?" Oh but he was pushing, wasn't he? And knowing he was doing it too. And yet the idea of having this night out, to actually have a date, meant he planned to do whatever it was Arthur wanted. All so they could share this amongst themselves.

That got a smile, nodding. "We not only should, but we will," he said, making it a promise. He didn't say things he didn't plan on keeping up with, after all.
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Wasn't that the answer he wanted? Oh but Eames lit up at that, grinning at him, not even sure what to say that wasn't over the top but he was damn well amused in that moment. Then he couldn't help himself. "What a wicked boy you are," he teased. "I do love that about you, Arthur."

And he did. He couldn't deny what he thought of him.

"You say that like that's a bad thing."

And yet, instead of moving on Arthur, he moved to look at what he had, considering his fashion and what options he had for the night.
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"Plans. Oh yes, the plans," he said, using most the same talk he would have in the past, but there was no hard edge on it. Not anymore. Not like their used to be. All that had been before, the roughness to Eames' teasing and now that was gone but the teasing wasn't. "Can't let anything ruin the plans,' he teased.

He dressed carefully, but as himself. Just more tamed down, so that he wasn't wearing paisley with burgundy slacks. Nope, they were fawn colored. That was tamer, right?

Glancing over at Arthur, pausing to look him over and take it all in with a smile. "I'm definitely looking forward to this date, and you," he said, giving Arthur a wink.

"WE should do it more often," he said suddenly. "Things outside all the rest. For you and me." Dating beyond just a date, making time for one another. He wanted that.

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"I refuse to confirm nor deny these ideas you have, Sir," he said, tones more formal, his accent changed slightly to something more regal and, well, snooty. "And you'll have to beat the truth out of me." Or a spanking. That would do as well.

The house had, laughably, opened doors. For them, at least. It had brought them together and made them both admit things they might not have otherwise opened up about.

That didn't mean though that Eames would ever want to fucking do that house again. Not in a million years.'

Eames paused in tying his tie, savoring that touch, Arthur's closeness to him. "Good. We need it." And after Rose Red they both knew how quickly they could lose so much. "Also, I encourage all the touching you want tonight."
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"Contrary is my middle name. Eames isn't my first name either," he teased, knowing that Arthur knew that. Likelihood was, Arthur knew more about Eames than Eames did, and he hadn't had to tell him any of it. He would though, at least where they currently stood, but he hadn't had to. Arthur just always seemed to know things.

Staying still, liking when Arthur did things like this for him. Smiling slightly, head canting only slightly to watch Arthur's hands.

With that encouragement, his hands came to rest on the narrow lines of Arthur's hips, showing that he definitely encouraged all the touching that he could in the midst of that kiss. The closeness meant the world to him, surprised to have that between them.
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There was no part of Eames that suspected Arthur knew a lot about him, a lot more about him than probably anyone that he didn't share DNA with knew. He actually liked that, enjoying to know that Arthur knew these things about him and yet that he left Eames to share them with him as he wanted.

"We probably should, yes." He knew they had to of they would be here for hours. Leaning in, stealing another small kiss before moving to step back for the sake of getting himself to stop. "Come along then," he said, offering his arm.