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Job: The Classic Switcharoo for ArtfulForger

Sex with Eames was everything he had thought about and had imagined it to be and more.

Much, much more.

They didn't even touch the reason why Eames was in town or the forged painting laid out on the dining room table. Not until the second full day of Eames being there.

Then they got down to business.

Which is where they were at that moment, sitting around the dining room table close together with the bottle of wine opened up beside them. In front of them were blue prints, the invitation and all of the information they could get regarding the Met and this event that would be taking place.

Truth was? Arthur was fucking excited.

It had been at least a year or more since Arthur did something like aiding in a classic switch. Mind crime was one thing. This? This was different.

They had to time this just right in order for it to work successfully.

With both of them on it? He had no doubt that they would succeed.

Arthur took a moment to pour himself a drink then glanced at Eames with a little smile. "I'm glad you called me for this job," he said. "Not just because I get to help you pick out a suit but... because it's been a while since I've had my hand in something like this. It's refreshing."
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If Eames had known this was where things were going to go, he would have made arrangements for a side job years ago. Not even for the profit, but for how good this had turned out. Of course, there was still a job to pull off, and he had to hope that even with Arthur on his side, that he could manage this.

"And I am assuming you have the place for shopping for my suit? Will you be there while I'm stripped down to my pants," he teased, smirking at the other man.
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"And if you're there, do I have to behave? I can't promise I can," he admitted. It was playful, and he couldn't help himself. Part of it was his nature, but so much of it was Arthur himself. He was so amazing and utterly charming and Eames had wanted him since he first met him.

"Though I can try. Do you want to see me trying to behave?"
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"Oh? Is that so? Is that how we're negotiating that now?" He couldn't help but be amused by the idea, of some concept of bartering for his behavior. "Well now, you might have me playing along, though you better make it worth it."

He grinned, the looked wicked and eager. "Nono. I like this idea of seeing how you thank me for being a good boy," he admitted.
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That was a damn good question. Eames knew that it would work if Arthur tried for it that way, the things was, how many ways and wicked things might Arthur try? It might be fun to find out. "How well it works is all dependent on you, Darling," he teased, his smile taking on a bit of a smarmy look.

Taking that kiss and leaning into him, wanting more. Though he chuckled at those words. "I do plan to be positively childish," he admitted.
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Oh but this was all too much fun for Eames. He loved the way Arthur acted, the way he smiled and the sound of his chuckle. It was enough to leave the forger giddy and weak in the knees.

"I was considering a fire, but if you're in on things with me..."

And then he smiled, leaning in close to Arthur. "There's a bathroom on the 2nd floor. With a window out to the ledge and then the painting in the room beside it. What if we made a spectacle of ourselves with a fight and then a makeup?"
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"But they're fun,' he said, rubbing his fingers together as if he was anticipating it, just to see Arthur's face.

Yet he was open to what else he might have in mind, and what Arthur would go along with. "You always do worry about lives," he teased, not that he wanted to hurt others. He didn't want to get the innocents hurts, just for a painting. "How would you get the substitute in?"
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"I think that's less because we need it and more because you're Arthur," he said, giving him a smirk. He knew that Arthur was right, but that didn't mean he was going to make it easier on the point man either. What would be the fun in that.

"Well, good. I'm glad to hear that. I mean, we know my concerns and where they lay." Not that he wanted to hurt others, but in the end, he just wanted to pull this off. Sadly more to see if he could than anything else.

"The upper floors. Most are rented to various businesses. It's a matter for who closes early. Or who we can arrange to close early."

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"You always take the fun out of blowing things up," he teased. So much of that was in the past, the way he used to speak to him and meant it with bitterness. Now though, looking over the plans together, it was something so much more.

"You going to expect me to dress by your standards," he asked, making a face so that his nose wrinkled.
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"Two guesses which one I call it, and you won't need the second," he teased, though it was an old joke between them, and he knew that. He just hoped Arthur knew as well. He suspected that smirk said the truth.

"Fine. I guess I did," he sighed, though he was just enjoying himself. There was always so much fun to be had in teasing Arthur. They had fun with that, and it was just part of who they were. "I guess my sexiness is in your hands."

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"And every job would be fun," he pointed out, sounding entirely as if he was being reasonable and not sure why Arthur didn't understand that. "And loud," he added with a grin.

That made him perk up though a bit. "Just when I think you're not looking out for me, you go and do something sweet like that," he said, and he sounded as if he meant those words too and not teasing.
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"So what's a few banned countries amongst thieves," he teased, winking at Arthur. Obviously he was not bothered by the countries he was banned from, and was willing to keep playing his games even if it meant being banned from even more.

"You are sweet. Tangy too," he teased, smirking at Arthur. "Knowing what I wear, and you encouraging it, that is not the same thing," he pointed out, and he knew that.

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"Well, we can't let that happen. I do horribly in countries without a good supply of scotch and a lot of gambling for me to entertain myself with. So we'll have to keep ourselves clear at least on a few of the better countries. At least better based on what works for us," he said, believing that. Being banned from some countries wasn't a bad thing. From too many could indeed be problematic.

Eames laughed at that. "Yes, just like sweet and sour sauce," he teased. "Which I wasn't hungry before that statement, but I could be now." Maybe it was honestly hungry. Maybe it was a come on. Who knew? Though eventually it would come out.
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"We can manage this," he said as if it wasn't that easy. "We can manage not to get banned. Can't we?" Grinning even as he asked it though, knowing technically they could but then there was always those unforeseen moment sand then who knew what might happen.

"Oh good, work's over," he said, definitely giving a cheeky grin at that moment. "Later is a good thing. Much better things now," he pointed out. "Hmmm, now what could they be," he said, even as he moved to pull Arthur towards him.