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Dark Marks [01] for Circumpolar

This was not the way Harry Potter had imagined his life to be when he was a first year back at Hogwarts and just learning about this world.

Of course, after that first year and the years following, he thought himself lucky if he made it past Hogwarts in the first place.

It had been five years since the end of the war. The wizarding community was continuing to be rebuilt as the days, months and years went by. He had friends that had been a invaluable support to him during and after the war. Not only that, but he had a strong and beautiful woman who had been by his side since that final battle.

A woman that would be his wife in less than 48 hours.

It wasn't who he had expected by any stretch of the imagination but she had been there and they had grown closer than he ever imagined he would after Draco.

Draco, the boy Harry had considered his best friend for a number of years had ran off at some point during that final battle and he hadn't heard from him since. It had been infuriating but most of all, he had been... upset when he hadn't heard a peep from him the years since.

Harry shook his head and gave himself a look over in the mirror. It didn't do to dwell.

He had never been a vain man but he wanted to make sure the fit and color was just right. It was. He had learned some things over the years being best friends with a boy who made sure he looked impeccable.

He thanked the shop keeper after changing back into his every day robes, hung the dress robes over his arm and left the shop. It was mere minutes later that he returned to the flat he was renting and banished the robes to his closet. Harry took a moment to look around the front room and allowed himself a little smile. It was a far cry from where he started.

He wasn't needed anywhere for another few hours. It was just plenty of time to have some tea and catch up on some communication with friends.
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Draco had run seeing the man he loved dead. He had wanted to tell him for a year, not sure how to approach it and then he was gone. It was months after he had run before he knew that Harry wasn't dead. By then Draco and his mother were far from London. The Dark Lord might be dead and gone but his followers were not and Draco and Narcissus had turned on them. Including Lucius himself.

Now though Draco knew he couldn't stay hiding. Not without having his say to Harry Potter before his former best friend belonged to another.

The note was amongst the rest of the mail, a folded slip of midnight black paper. The writing was in silver and appeared only as Potter looked a it. When he looked away, it vanished.

It has been too long, my friend. Midnight. Diagon Alley. You know where.
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Draco's heart was racing. He was not certain the hard pounding of it might not break one of his ribs. He thought to run, and instead had a drink, downing it without a single thought as the fire whiskey burned down into his gut.

He knew he was there before Potter even approached him. A black beanie covered his shockingly pale hair, and when he raised his head to look at Potter, there was a scar along the pureblood's jaw that hadn't been there before.

"Mother... she told me about your wedding coming up. I need to say something to you." His voice was as wary as the look in his eyes. "Well, a few things. Starting with... I'm sorry."
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Bright blue eyes stayed on Potter, afraid if he looked away the other man would be gone. Taking a breath, he sighed out softly, wondering how to word this. Apologize for running? For leaving him when he wasn't dead? For never telling him how he felt about him?

"You were dead and I ran," he said in a low voice. "Mum and I, we kept running. They came for us, and I knew then I wouldn't come back. Not if it meant bringing the death eaters to you." He touched his jaw. "I almost didn't make it," he whispered. "And I wouldn't let them get you."
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"No, you didn't," he agreed, knowing because he had done his best to keep track of him thorugh the years. "But then I thought it was better if I did. Do you think I didn't hear the wear both ways spoke of me? Of seeing you moving on with your life and wondering..."

He shook his head. "The truth was, I wasn't ready to face you. You gave me an out, Potter, and instead I followed Father. I didn't want to see that look on your face. Now though..."

Then his gaze did drop. "They got my mother. About a month ago. She put herself in front of me, Harry. Second time in my life my mother has put herself, or gotten another to put themselves, between me and certain death. Both she and that person are dead now," he said, looking up at Harry. "So before I'm next, I needed to see you again. One more time. It's selfish, I know, but what else do you expect from me?"

He offered a smile then, so much like the smirk of his youth.
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Harry wasn't the only one aching to touch the other. Sitting in that pub was the first time in five years that Draco hadn't felt that he was one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel. It was the first time he felt alive, that he might make it through all of this.

"Thank you," he murmured. Then he did slide his hand half way across the table, not forcing the issue but reaching for him. "Mum... She told me while we were in hiding that you were the one good thing that had come into my life since her, and that she should have let you take me away from her and the Death Eaters."

Beyond what he wanted to say to Harry, he figured that Potter needed to hear this.

"I killed them. By my calculations there's maybe only a dozen of them left," he noted, serious in that moment. "I have a list. It's yours if you want it," he said, smirking once more. "Auror. Just so you know who is still out there and who isn't."

He smiled at him then. "I'm glad you came. I wasn't sure you would," he admitted. "I just... I.. Okay, this is cruel of me again, but I need to say it. You and I... We have been best friends for a long time, but you have to know that I loved you. I always have. From first year even."

It was cruel telling him that at this point and time in Potter's life, but he couldn't help himself.
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All of this was wrong on so many levels. He shouldn't have done this to Potter. He shouldn't have put him in this position. Draco could have stayed away, and let Potter start over again and have his life and probably kids and he'd be happy. Except that Draco knew he was doing this for more than just knowing that Harry would always remember he loved him.

"I'll get you the list. I know I'm taking a chance being here but if they see me with an Auror, so what?" He laughed, the sound bitter and cold as he poured himself another drink, holding the bottle out to Harry. "Way I figure it, I'll be dead by years end so it's not like they're going to do any worse to me."

And it was cold saying it that way as well but what skills he'd had for playing the games of the purebloods had been lost in the last five years. Not that he'd had them much to begin with.

"Don't argue with me either. Best I can tell, unless they're hiding better than I am, there's only maybe a handful of us left that bear the mark and walked away from the order when he died," he muttered, not thinking about it as he rubbed at his arm where his long sleeve hid the mark. Giving a tug on it, he showed the very end, scarred and burned but still there. "I haven't found a way to get it off. Not yet. Still trying, but those odds aren't good. My best hope is that Father will insist they keep me around, trying to bring me back to the fold but..."

He shook his head. He wouldn't accept that. Even if he died fighting them.

"So, yeah. I'm a git for telling you, Potter, but I figured this was my last chance. Once you say I do, I didn't think you would meet with me and take the chance," he admitted, downing the shot of fire whiskey with a sad smile at Potter's admission.

"Well, glad to know it's not just me. Hate to think I spent five years pining over you for you to forget my name," he teased, trying to sound like the boy he had once been. "Earlier we were boys and then Father was putting pressure on me and I had to take the mark and..." And he hadn't wanted to drag Potter into the life he couldn't escape.
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The Dark Lord was gone, and the war was over, but the battles still tried to flair up. A handful that remained still wanted the pureblood world they had been promised and they seemed unwilling to bow down until they were all dead... and taking as many with them as they could. "I hope you're right. For your sake," he said, making a face. "The remaining death eaters know I'm alive though, so they'll be looking for me," he admitted, shaking his head and sighing softly.

"Potter, don't," he said, fixing him with a hard, wary look. "You're an auror, but you're bound to the Ministry. You can kill but you'll face prison if you fight this battle. They want to deny they're still trying to form. I wish I knew the leader now, though I'd hate to have to name a name." Because they both knew. If someone was trying to rally them, it would be Lucius.

The suggestion though got a considering look out of him, shaking his head. "Actually, no, I hadn't. I tried burning it off and I tried magically scrubbing it. Let me know the name of the place. They could still track it that way but it's better than looking at it ever day."

And he hated staring at it, seeing it, knowing what he had done and nearly done.

"I know I'm a git for coming now, telling you this. Maybe it's my own mortality but I think it's... really? A Weasley?" He shook his head, trying to smile about it as he had once been. "Think of the children, Potter."
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"Stay in one place. Merlin's Beard," he sighed. "I don't even remember what that's like," he admitted.

It was nearly an understatement. Five years and he hadn't had a home. Five years and he had gone from one place to another, hiding in shadows, sleeping on the floor. His life had turned upside down in a single moment, one day, and his father would tell him this was what he deserved for failing. Yet he would never accept that. He hadn't failed. He hadn't. It's what he had to keep telling himself.

A brow arched then and he snorted. "The boy who lives knows subtle? Is that so?" He smiled then. A flash of the boy he had been before he'd been forced to grow up. If you say so," he laughed, actually winking at Potter even as he took the card he offered.

"It's more than an idea, Potter. It's hope. Thank you," he said, the words honest and heartfelt.

The smile faded though, thinking about Potter's kids with anyone, not just a Weasley. "So you're getting married, huh? Shouldn't you be having your stag night or something?"
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It felt like so much longer than a few years, more than just a scant handful of years rather than the lifetime it felt like, everything they had been changed in such a short time. Yet sitting there, looking at Potter's face, he wanted to ignore the way he felt, to go back to how life was and reclaim what he'd had and who he had been. Who he could have been.

"Yeah, I see how it is. Get sorted into Slytherin and think you're not Harry Potter still," he teased, smirking.

Though he had him there and Draco couldn't help but smile. "YOu learned it from me then," he pointed out. "Where else would you get it?" Which was likely true in many ways. Not all of it but many ways.

That got a soft smile though, an honest one. "I'd like that. Only company I had for much of this was mother and... I miss people," he admitted. He had never been the most social but cut off as he had been, that had definitely been hard on him.

"No, but I would have thought Ron would have made you," he pointed out. "He standing with you?" It was hard to ask that just as it was hard to ask about Ginny in general.
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Draco was quiet for a moment, long, nimble fingers toying with his glass but his gaze was entirely for the man across from him. Taking in the way he sat, the long, lean lines of his body, the beauty that such an awkward child held after a few years as a Slytherin. It wasn't just the right clothes, the rich color of his eyes without glass to obscure them. It was so much more. It was all that Draco had fallen for, knowing he could never have, and then lost in so many ways. Family. The Dark Mark. War.

"I should have taken the time I had to teach you so much more," he said, meaning it in every wicked, dirty innuendo-ey way that he could. "You poor thing, left out there in the world to do things on your own." He shook his head with a sigh.

He chuckled at that, arching a brow. "And a tattoo of what? Do share?" He peered at him, looking him over. "And where?"

He could try hard to be lighthearted, like this was nothing, like this wasn't him thinking he was there to die and saying his last goodbyes.

"You and Blaise, you're still close?" He was glad to hear that, both of them needed to talk to one another, to be there for each other. Life was tight and they only had so many they could rely on.
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There were meant to be words here. Words about ink and people and tattoos and Blaise. Talk about their past, and maybe the future, and ignoring that Draco thought he was heading off to die, and Potter was going to be married in two days.

That was what it was meant to be, but Draco had no hope in hell of speaking about any of that. Not in the least. Not when Harry said what he did, about their still being time to teach him, and he wasn't being at all subtle. Not to Draco.

Shifting in his seat, wincing at the pain of tight trousers as he leaned over the table closer to Harry.

"Potter, I have not had human contact in five years. I haven't had a lover, haven't had a friend. You are getting married in two bloody days," he growled, eyes narrowed and aching to literally leap across the table and take Potter then and there. "Don't tease me. I will not fight my death if I come in my bloody trousers because I've wanted you for about ten years, Potter."
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That was all Draco needed to hear. It was more than teasing, more than his desire making the pureblood wizard hear the things he wanted to hear.

He moved to quickly to his feet that his chair hit the wall with a loud crack. Even then he didn't care. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered but Potter.

"Come on," he said with a jerk of his head, not caring if standing over Potter like that Harry could likely see the hard press of his cock against the tight fly of his trousers. "I've got a room upstairs," he said, picking up the fire whiskey bottle to take with them. "I am guessing you would rather do this up there than me bending you over this table," he murmured, staring down at the other man, eyes bright with lust.

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There was no hesitation in Draco now. Not with Potter on his heels. Heading straight for the stairs, only making it about half way up them before he turned to Harry. His fingers gripped the other man's robe, jerking him close.

The kiss was hard, needful, desperate for so much more and yet unable to wait, not even a few more steps, to taste the man he had missed for all this time.

His hand fairly shook, tongue plundering Harry's mouth, tasting him with a soft sound that anyone that didn't know the man Draco held himself to be might have been a whimper.

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