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An open post for anything and everything we've wanted or talked about.

TFLN/Action/Prose/Text/Letters - whichever!

Slytherin!Harry, Cassi - all of the muses are up for grabs. I can either write up a starter or leave something for them here!
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Fake marrieds!

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Granted there could have been other ways of doing this, but she was here already and she needed to do whatever she could to make sure that happened the way it needed to. She needed him and that would give him some power over her but that could not be helped.

And he had told her that she could call on him at any time. So she's taking him at his literal word. It's 2 am. And she's currently straddling his waist in his bed, shaking him awake. "Potter. Wake up."

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'You've yet to regret anything I've done for you, darling Potter. Why start now?" She stated matter-of-factly with a small smile on her face. Shifting a little so she's a little more comfortable, she hesitates for a moment before exhaling loudly.

"I need a favor."

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"Not really. I needed to ask you before someone made assumptions and my hand got forced in not fun ways." Blaise shrugged a little and then sighed.

"I need you to marry me."

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She leaned in for a quick peck on his lips. Sheer reflex, but she didn't move, trusting that he'd have her. "Exactly what it sounds like, Potter. Marriage, standing up in front of friends and family, I'll wear the white dress for you even, and then cohabitation if you like, but I'm fine if you prefer your space. And of course there's sex, full marital rights..."

She shrugs a little. "Apparently there are members of the family who think that I should be properly settled down to someone reasonable, so that I don't follow my mother." The last half of that was said a little bitterly, because if there wasn't a lot that Blaise despised more than her mother's choices. "And by someone reasonable, they mean someone they can control. Which means they'd get control over the businesses and the vaults."

A deep breath, "And if I'm going to have to be married to keep them, I'd rather beat them to the punch and find my own partner before they can attempt to strong arm me into marrying some weak willed Squib. You were my first thought."

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She's leaning forward to kiss him gratefully, because it's not a small favor she's asking and she knows that and this is why she came to him. "Thank you, I'm forever in your debt for this." Words she rarely says, and he'll know that, but it's true and she has to verbalize it. "I cleared my morning schedule, what's yours look like?"

She's half assuming she'll be staying there for the rest of the night but she doesn't want to impose too much on him right now. "And shall I come back then or do you mind me staying over?"

And the only eyebrows raised immediately would those of Draco's and shit, they'd have to tell him before they told anyone else or neither of them would ever hear the end of it ever again.

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"You should, yeah." She's lightly touching his cheek with a hand, grinning at him a little more. Wriggling a little against him as she made a happy noise. "I am, that's true. We can floo him to come over, he'll be tickled. Or angry, but he can be defused with coffee."

She's half charmed by his sleepy smile already and it's so dangerous to let herself go, but this is Potter and he's already agreed to her plan and she can trust him, right? The Golden Boy won't betray her.

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"My Potter, I promise to be good for you." Blaise mumbled as she fell asleep.


She woke up in the morning, feeling more refreshed than she felt she probably deserved. She stole one of his shirts and a pair of shorts to put on before leaving his bedroom in search of coffee. She could have gone in just the shirt, Draco had seen her in worse, but now that she was betrothed, she was going to be a little more circumspect.

"Potter?" she called out as she left the bedroom, "Where'd you go?"

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Blaise laughed into the coffee, she couldn't help it. She leaned into him, slipping her free arm around him, and just keeping him close for a bit. She was enjoying the close contact more than she might let on, she wasn't able to do this with just anyone.

"Still up for the challenge, Potter? I'll understand if you're not. It's not a small thing I'm asking." Because for the terms to be fulfilled, it had to be a full, true marriage and Blaise intended to do her part of it.

Though if he wasn't happy with things down the road, she'd break the family tradition of murder before divorce. He was too important to her to lose him like that.

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That's a good point, Potter, not that she'll admit it aloud. She's leaning up to kiss his cheek when the sound of the Floo activating brought an artfully disheveled Draco Malfoy into the flat.

"What in the Great Gonzo's name was so important? What's going on? You realize that you always bribe me with food when you need to shanghai me into some mad scheme of yours?"

Blaise just snickered more into her coffee as Draco made his way into the kitchen, still muttering under his breath.
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"That is not news, Potter." Draco said with an extremely put out look. "You got me out of bed for this? This food had better be amazing."

Blaise blinked once. That was a little surprising to her, actually.

Draco just shook his head, "You're the best choice by far, a perfect Pureblood scion from one of the older families, not to mention your status as the Golden Boy Who Defeated makes you untouchable and we all know you're incorruptible to anyone save a very select few. You can't be bought, blackmailed, and Merlin save the soul of the person who tries to actually control you. You are the perfect society couple and the perfect husband for her. The fact that you've been in love since we were all in school just adds to the mythology surround you two." He waves a hand at both of them. "It's a fucking fairytale and it's sickening in its perfection."

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Only the foolish would believe that ones shouldn't have friends from house to house. Perhaps the fact that she and Harry came from a world where magic wasn't what you learned as soon as you possessed the capacity to retain information made it easier for the two of them to be friends with those unlike themselves, unlike certain pure-blood wizards.

Hermione was no psychologist, by any means, but she thought she had a very good idea as to why certain wizards and witches hated anyone that wasn't in their house, that wasn't a pure-blood. It was all right with her, too. They only hurt themselves by not being open minded.

Plus, she had her friends, and that would never change.

Being best friends with Harry Potter was quite a life experience, she would say. Everyone knew too much about his life (more than even tabloids spouted about muggle celebrities) than even he'd known up until he'd been brought back to the world that he'd been born into. She tried not to ever use that against him though, like many others seemed to like doing.

"It's a lovely day. I thought I'd take advantage of it." She answered with a smile up to him from where she had her back to the tree, shutting the Herbology book she'd been reading and setting it on the grass beside herself. "How are things, Harry? Staying out of trouble?" Even Hermione Granger could make jokes, although there was a tone of seriousness in her voice that was always present when asking such questions. She cared about his safety, after all. Plus, she knew him. If there wasn't trouble or shenanigans afoot, it wasn't a day ending in 'Y.'
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While Hermione would never think to insult others who were being insulting to her - when it was aimed at her friends or a cause she cared about, that was a different story altogether - she definitely preferred to not spend time with ill-tempered people. If her presence, or that of people they simply didn't like or saw beneath them, affected them so much? That was awfully sad, but she didn't have time for such negativity.

She laughed through closed lips, nearly raising a hand to cover her mouth at the muffled giggle. "Is that so? Seems likely, indeed." Another tease that she smiled through, knowing that he did speak truth even if part of her thought that someplace deep within him enjoyed shenanigans and getting into mischief that might as well be called trouble.

Brows lifting for a fraction of a second, she hummed and looked up into the trees at the mention of Snape, and possible physical injury if many more points were deducted thanks to one Harry James Potter. "So like any other Head of House," then her gaze swept back down, pragmatic hold to her features. Well, it was the truth.

Snape's attitude never caused her drive and attitude to diminish, even if she had reined in her eager exasperation of being a know-it-all. She was clever enough to be truly be one, no facade or exaggeration about it. Yet, time brought with it some growth in maturity, just as the seasons changed and gave them lovelier, more temperate climates.

She nodded then added in a softer voice, hope exaggerated in her tone, eyes glancing up to the side, "I do hope it doesn't cause anyone's studies to be compromised." Another joke! Okay, so she did hope that, but she was being playful at the same time! Maybe the warm weather was having an affect on her head?
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"My, what else would I ever expect that the one Harry Potter would do, other than tell the truth?" Another tease, given that it felt nice to give in to joking around every so often. It wasn't Hermione's regular habit, after all.

She'd always admired the strengths she saw in Harry's character, even if it didn't always seem like he thought out situations long enough before jumping into them. Perhaps she, though, overthought at times. She wouldn't say it aloud, or even it admit it ever, but...perhaps.

Hermione couldn't help herself then, one brow arching with that wide smile of his, humor flashing in her eyes. "Oh, no, I wouldn't dream of implying that, Harry. As for my end of term," and glanced toward the book she'd been reading, running fingers over its back, "You know I've always found it a virtue to never cease studying, no matter how many tests have come and passed." There was always a new this or that to learn!

Then may have been a good time to ponder on any notable summer plans, yet she was lost in thought of thinking of a specific reference from her reading that she may want to relay aloud, face creasing with that all too familiar expression that a studious Hermione conjured up.
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Hermione snorted at that, laughter that was chortling at first until she forced it down to an easier chuckle. "Does he not?" She shifted over to nudge his shoulder with hers. "Do change the history books then, Harry, for the entire scope of my world rather shifted before my very eyes." That bit of his history, that he wasn't fond of the title, was well known to her, but it added comfort to know he knew he could include it within a joke between them.

Brown eyes scanning up and into the boughs of the tree above, her head tilted over slightly when he asked that question. "Oh, it's..." her attention drew back down, turning the book over and running fingers over the cover instead. "Hardly as fascinating as I'd like. I've read it before," she added, tacking that on and likely not surprising him at all.

Brows lifting, she almost sighed before continuing, "Honestly, I was scouring through it to bring light to a Herbology question that Neville was having trouble with earlier today." And by his having trouble, she meant that he'd spoken aloud (to no one in particular) about some such less common situation that was perplexing him, and Hermione took it upon herself to see if she could help. Without being asked. "Haven't found what I'm looking for. Yet." Obviously, she would.