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The Pride of Slytherin - for Draca

Everyone had been shocked when Cassi Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived, was sorted into Slytherin. Even more shocked when it turned out she had become fast and good friends with the Malfoy Heiress, Draca Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin bunch. In fact, when they realized that Cassi wasn't going to be their martyr once Voldemort rose again in her Fourth Year, she became even more popular among the Slytherin's. The rest of Hogwarts? A bit less so.

It was now Fifth Year and the holidays were upon them. She had the perfect gift for Draca, the Malfoys and even one for an additional guest should he be there. The next day, she and the rest of the students leaving to go back to their families would be boarding the Hogwarts Express to return to London where Narcissa would be, undoubtedly waiting for them.

"Usually it's me who is out here at all hours of the day," Cassi called out as she made her way to the Quidditch Pitch, spotting Draca with her broom.
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Soon they would be home for a month. A month without Gryffindors around. Without having to be treated as if their ambition was a bad thing, something to be avoided and ignored by so many in the school. That month at home though, then they were seen as wondrous things, as children to be cherished and trained. It's definitely what pushed Draca through the rest of the year. That and having Cassi by her side.

Though she would miss one thing. Flying. Even living where the Malfoy's did, it didn't mean it was open for such things as flight, and the school would throw a fit if they learned about it happening off school grounds.

Turning, she glanced towards the voice, one she knew so well, smiling faintly.

"Yes well, I figured if I was looking for you, I would find you here. Well, in that you would end up here eventually."
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Being powerful was so much a bad thing to so many witches and wizards who lived in fear. They feared that which was stronger than them. In the form of he who should not be named. In the name of the Slytherins they would not name, but knew were still with him. Like the Malfoys, and now the Potters. Though so many prayed and waited for Cassi to change sides, to go back to being a "good girl". Draca wished someone would say that to her face. She wouldn't be able to ever breathe as hard as she would be laughing at them.

Draca felt the pressure of the charm as if fell over them, enjoying that sensation, and the privacy it provided them.

"I'll get with mum and maybe by next year," she teased. "Opening in the summer might be nice," she pointed out, though she wasn't sure her parents would let her have it. It wasn't the first time she had asked for it, after all.

"You ready to go home?" Home. This olace wasn't home, but it was necessary. That was what mattered.
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Draca had heard the comments as well. They thought it was cute to say it in those sort of whispers that were guaranteed to make sure that she heard them. It had also led to a handful of punishments over the years when she had taken revenge on those that said it. Especially Weasley. Not that he had stopped saying it, or she had stopped seeking revenge. Draca had just gotten smarter at it, and had found her revenge in ways that couldn't be directly linked back to her.

In the end though, Draca knew how she felt. None of them had been there for Cassi. Only the Malfoy's had taken Cassi in after learning what she had been through with her muggle relatives. Only the Malfoys had truly been there for her, teaching her the wizarding world and the life that she should have always had. They could whine and whisper all they wanted, but they hadn't been there for her in the end.

"It is, but the advantage to winter is less people visiting means we have more time for training." Summer meant training on their brooms. Winter meant an entirely different kind of training.

"Me too. I need time away from them all," she said, rolling her eyes. "I'm going to end up punished again over Weasley before the year is over."
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Cassi was, to Draca, worth so much more. She was worth fighting for, and protecting, even if she knew well that Cassi could defend herself. It didn't stop her though from doing what she felt was needed. Draca had just gotten better at hiding what she was doing, and how, and letting Ron pay for his big mouth.

"It is probably going to get tough too," she admitted, rolling her eyes. "But I'm glad for it. No matter what Dumbledore and the others think, we will be ahead of things." And being ahead meant, in the end, they would win. "We have to help you catch up though,' she teased, smiling.

"I would rather be spotted and punished than any of them thinking they can treat you as a prize to be won,' she said, tones flat and hard. "Let's go then. Tomorrow life is better for a couple of months." No Dumbledore. No Gryffindors. No Ron Weasley.
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Truth was, Ron had helped Draca hone a lot of her skills. Not that he had ever meant to, but in pushing her as he had, in treating Cassi the way he had, he had encouraged Draca to do better, do more, and to not get caught in doing it. She should thank him one day... with another hex.

She nodded then, knowing the lessons echoed some of their lessons at Hogwarts, which put Cassi, and Draca, ahead of the game as well. "Now come on. Dancing is really not all that bad. Is it?"

She batted her lashes at Cassi, unable to help but smile. She rather enjoyed those lessons, and made no effort to hide that.

"That we do, and tomorrow things get better." Draca perked up then. "Do I have to wait?"
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"It can't be that bad," she said. Given she wouldn't dance with anyone but Cassi though anymore, maybe that was why she thought it was not so bad. She definitely thought being with Cassi made it so much better. "I promise I'll make sure it's not that bad at all," she offered, smiling at her, wanting Cassi to enjoy any time they might spend together.

"Tomorrow so much better. I think you can handle things until then," she said with a smile. "Can't you?"
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"Well, I would suspect when you're doing just about anything with me. I'm a Malfoy, after all." And though she played that card, she didn't entirely believe it when it came to Cassi. They were different, and she was different from everyone else out there in Draca's mind. She was so much more than the rest of them were or could ever be.

"Why would you challenge me in that way? Do you think I'm incapable of handling anything put to me?"
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"I'd like to hope there's other reasons, more personal reasons," she teased, liking that look on Cassi's face. Confidence looked so good on her, after all.

Damn but those challenges worked well on her. Shifting, giving them both a bit of distance to pick up speed. "I'll even let you count us down."
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Oh but that makes Draca beam. She's used to compliments on her beauty, but that Cassi recognizes other sides of her means the world to the girl. So much more than she wants to admit, but her smile says it all.

That shift was enough though, drawing herself up and gripping the broom a bit tighter, preparing.

The moment three was said, before Go was truly out of Cassi's mouth, Draca launched herself into the air. It wasn't cheating, not entirely. Just anticipating.