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The Magic Bunch + 1: Or When Arthur Met Bob

Arthur enjoyed London.

He really enjoyed Europe in general, honestly. It probably helped that the magic community in Europe was a bit more relaxed than those in America (even still) where things were a bit more stringent and forbidden.

He'd grown up in New York, attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardly and after he graduated decided going into the ministry simply wasn't for him, though he'd had offers. He'd always enjoyed a challenge and had found it on the other side of the law...a white collar criminal the muggles would call him.

Arthur mostly dealt in paintings (both muggle and magical alike), rare books and grimoires, jewels, potions... and the odd magical creature a time or two. Honestly, the only time a magical creature came into play was when he saw one being mistreated by those he came across (i.e.: those with too much money who loved having animals simply to have them but knew nothing about them).

The animals hadn't chosen to be there so he always found a way to free them and/or return them to where they needed to be.

Thankfully, he wasn't dealing with magical creatures this time. This time he was looking for a reputable buyer for a selection of dark grimoires he'd nicked back in the States from a muggle who'd had no idea what he'd purchased. It was safer for the good of humanity to not have those books in the hands of a muggle.

That was precisely why Arthur (dressed in a tailored muggle suit) walked into a bar in the middle of the afternoon where a group he'd heard about in passing frequented. Word was that they had actually made it a base of operations. Word also was that if anyone in London knew who to speak to about selling a few rare books, it would be this group.

They would know someone who knew someone.

He felt the wards slide over him, allowing him to pass and likely alerting someone of his presence and likely noting that he too was a wizard. He had a feeling though that both the muggle and magical community likely visited the establishment. For now, it was early enough that it wasn't packed. Still, there was a select number of patrons at the bar, drinking away the afternoon. He assessed the room quickly before making his way over to a table, facing the entrance.

If no one came by this time, he'd just return the next day. Try to get a word to one of the Wild Bunch.
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Handsome Bob was in the back when the wards went off. A soft chiming that told them there was someone in the bar, someone that registered as magical. It happened from time to time. Sometimes intentional, other times entirely by accident. That was what he needed to find out.

So he slipped out of the back, wearing jeans and a snug tee under an open button down shirt, looking casual and attractive he knew. Moving to the bar, leaning against the end of it, and resting against the bar. Looking around, he caught sight of someone definitely dressed up and looking rather overdone and attractive.

Giving a look to the bartender, he got a nod indicating that it was that table that had just come in. He gestured for two drinks. Picking them up, he head over to the table.

"Can a bloke buy you a drink?"
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And that was what got Bob so far in this world. Or any world he tossed himself into. His looks. It was something he had learned young, and taken advantage of for a lot of years. Given the look he got it wasn't entirely not working now. Which was good when the man in front of him was as sexy as he was.

Even if the suit stuck out like a sore thumb.

Not that he wasn't used to them from the muggle world, but if the word was true, this bloke wasn't a muggle, but he sure did dress like one. Maybe like the Wild Bunch he wasn't entirely welcome in the wizarding world and had learned to adapt as they had. Definitely interesting.

So Bob slid a glass over to Arthur, taking his seat. "Nice accent you have there. We don't get a lot of Yanks here at the bar."
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A lot of wizards believed it never happened, but there were a lot more hiding in the middle world than people wanted to believe. Most witches and wizards don't want to believe that others would leave their world and not come back. For whatever reasons. But it happened and for some, it worked.

"That it is," he said with a nod. "Some say if you end up here, it's for a reason," he noted. Which he found was the truth when he continued.

"Olympus, huh?"

He arched a brow at that, picking up his glass and tossing it back.

"Well then, maybe you should come with me," he said, already pushing up from the table, not bothering to see if Arthur followed, just assuming he would.
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The advantage with being magical in the muggle world, at least for the Wild Bunch, was just how much you could get away with because no one got what you were doing. You used magic, they had no idea how paintings disappeared, money vanished, or how the criminal was there one minute and gone the next. Some said one day they would get caught. Bob believed the Ministry wanted to avoid them enough that they ignored the things they did so long as they didn't get caught or really seen by muggles.

He didn't draw his wand, just a movement of his hand and then the panel before them seemed to face and the air around them undulated like a mirage and he just walked right through the panel, trusting no one would see them.
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Bob chuckled, glancing back at him with a wink. "Muggles always do only see what they want to see," he admitted with a smile. "They don't expect magic so often times they don't see it, and they don't process it. Now, that said..."

He turned to face the man, arching. "What's your name, Mate, and what has you hear, asking about Olympus?"
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It was just how the muggle mind worked. It wanted explanations, it wanted things to make sense, and when things didn't make sense then the mind twisted it until it did. Handsome Bob, the Wild Bunch, they took great advantage of that.

"Arthur. Well, welcome to London Arthur. Name's Handsome Bob. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. As for books, that depends on a lot, most of all them being real and not forgeries. Two, if they're the sort we look for. We being mostly me."
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"Oh please, have a seat," he said, moving to clear a few things off a table, and then off the chair as well to make room for seating. Most of it was documents, paperwork, things to try and help some of the wizarding world who needed out of the world make a true and legal name for themselves in the muggle world.

Gesturing to the seats, he paused, looking at Arthur as he spoke.

"I'd love to hear more about them," he admitted. "So many of those sort of tomes get lost and we never see them again," he said with a sigh. "That you may have found them, that is positively amazing even if it turns out they're not what they seem."

Though it was obvious that he was already hoping they were.
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Not caring if the American wizard saw the documents. He figured if he was coming to him, he probably already knew about all The Wild Bunch and the things they did beyond tomes and books and rare magic.

Bob shifted then, arching a brow. "I'm very curious then. I hope they're all related either by being written by the same person or handed down in the same family," he admitted, quiet a moment before adding. "Otherwise I may need you to take me to this person. A muggle gathering our books? You might have to worry that he is playing games and knows just what he has, and then we have to worry about who he got them from."

Someone hunting down witches and wizards was always a terrifying thing.

Bob slid the book towards him. He was careful about touching it, using the edges of his thumbnails not to harm or add oils. "What do you know about the muggle?"
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Bob carefully flipped through the pages as he listened to the American. All of it was leaving him with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and he was uncertain what to think about what he was being told. Except that he didn't like it, not in the least.

"Okay, and no possibility they're a squib? Only one left and no true wizard or witch to take over the tomes of the family?"

He really wanted it to be that. Something that made sense, could be dangerous, but wasn't what he feared.

"Generally liked by people doesn't mean he's not a witch killer," Bob noticed, searching the tome for an idea of what family they came from. "Did he sell them to you or did you acquire them?" He was fine with the latter, but he needed to know what terms Arthur was on with the man.