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Ships Passing [12] for Artful

Getting shot right after the New Year during a, what seemed to be, routine job hadn't been on his list of 'New Year Resolutions'.

In fact, not getting shot during a job was definitely somewhere on that list. It wasn't as though a job turning sour was common because it wasn't. Normally Arthur worked the jobs where he wasn't likely to get shot, due to how in demand his time could be now that they had completed Inception. Still, anything that dealt with the criminal world had the possibility of going sour simply due to the nature of the beast.

Arthur had gotten out of Paris as quick as he could after packing what essentials he needed and sending the brief text to Eames as soon as he managed to find a burner phone. He had quickly gotten rid of that phone as well and made his way to Germany where he'd sent Eames coordinates to.

He'd managed to only patch the wound up enough that blood didn't soak through his shirt during the train ride from Paris to Berlin. After all, there was nothing subtle about bleeding on a train from a bullet wound. Thankfully, the bullet hadn't hit anything major but that didn't make it hurt any less.

Which was why, after getting in town and stocking up on first aid supplies, Arthur was standing in front of the mirror with tweezers, a bottle of whiskey and gauze. His soiled shirt currently strewn into the tub, waiting to be burned.

He was waiting for his hands to stop shaking (probably due to the adrenaline and slight blood loss) so he could get on with it when he heard a rather loud knock on the door. "Fuck," he growled, hoping it wasn't some nosy neighbor. Doubtful as most of his neighbors didn't exactly know him from Adam. Which was exactly what he preferred.

Arthur's pants rode low on his hips as he threw on a cleaner shirt. Hopefully the blood wouldn't show in the time it took to get rid of whoever it was at the door. It was only after he checked the peep hole that he exhaled a slow breath and unlocked the double lock then opened the door.

"It's damn good to see you."
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That text, with the name used, it left Eames in a panic. He didn't even finish the job. Faking a supposed stalker that was going to ruin it all, he got onto the first plane he could. The flight left him in a panic, not able to do anything while he was on the plane and hating that. Hating the panic it left coursing through him.

Practically running from the plane to get in a cab, foot tapping and leg shaking as he counted the seconds until he got to the coordinates Arthur had sent him.

Up the stairs, and to the room, tapping on the door and then stepping back so he knew he'd be seen.

"Better to see you," he said, not hiding his panic. "So, Evan," he said, already moving to step into the room. "What happened? How bad is it? How much of your history are we burning" Asked without thinking about how bad this was.
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"Did they get the extractor?" Because in Eames mind, that mattered. He was already a traitor, they couldn't leave someone out there knowing who Arthur was, even by an alias. "Did the buddies see you? Did you stop them? If not, we need to make sure someone catches them before they speak of you," he said.

All business for Eames meant clearing the path for them. Making sure their life was safe, and that meant tying up any ends that needed to be, and any bridges that needed to be burnt.

"I can take care of that. I have a man in France. Controlled enough we may actually burn it," he admitted, figuring a corpse in a fire was the safest. No records to follow.

"Shit. Fucking hell. Where's your medical kit? Get the shirt off and get on a chair." He was pissed and it showed on his face, the redness there and the anger.
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He nodded, knowing that Arthur would have even left until things were handled. He wouldn't trust many others to take care of things for him, after all, and Eames couldn't blame him.

Grabbing the whiskey off the bar, not bothering with glasses as he headed for the bathroom even as he pulled out a burner phone.

"Franc? Hey, it's Tony," he said, easily slipping into a slight French accent as if he had been practicing his American for a while. "I'm going to text you an address. I need it be flambe'd. Yes. Oui. Yes. Stop that," he said, all flirt and tease. "You make me blush. Oui. Soon."

He handed the phone to Arthur. "Send the coordinates to the number I just called and the pull the card," he said, setting the bottle down beside him.

"If you puke on me, I'll cry," he added, trying to make him laugh. The world had gone to hell. Arthur needed humor.
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Arthur knew Eames better than anyone. Absolutely better than anyone else. It was frightening on so many levels, scary to know none that well, and yet he wouldn't want it to be any other way. He wanted all that they shared, even if it was the dark and the bad. Like this.

His fingers brushed against Arthur's shoulder before he reached for the alcohol, medical not and not liquor. "I know you do, and you know I'll always be here," he said, tones hard and serious and the absolute truth.

"I won't lie. We both know this is going to hurt. Please, know. I'm not trying to hurt you." He didn't want to, but it would get worse if he didn't do this now. "Lean over a bit so I can clean the wound."
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Eames nodded, setting down the bottle of alcohol he was going to pour over it with a nod. Unbuckling his belt, he pulled it off carefully not to hit either of them with it before handing the leather to Arthur.

"You need me to stop, say so. You can have breaks, but that's it. We're going to make sure this is done and take care of you." In the end that would be the most important thing, to make sure that Arthur was well taken care of in all of this and was able to heal.

"I will do it as quick as I can, and make sure it's clean." He wouldn't rush it and risk a bad job or scars later, but he wouldn't drag this out and hurt Arthur more than he had to. "Say it when you're ready."