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Ships Passing [12] for Artful

Getting shot right after the New Year during a, what seemed to be, routine job hadn't been on his list of 'New Year Resolutions'.

In fact, not getting shot during a job was definitely somewhere on that list. It wasn't as though a job turning sour was common because it wasn't. Normally Arthur worked the jobs where he wasn't likely to get shot, due to how in demand his time could be now that they had completed Inception. Still, anything that dealt with the criminal world had the possibility of going sour simply due to the nature of the beast.

Arthur had gotten out of Paris as quick as he could after packing what essentials he needed and sending the brief text to Eames as soon as he managed to find a burner phone. He had quickly gotten rid of that phone as well and made his way to Germany where he'd sent Eames coordinates to.

He'd managed to only patch the wound up enough that blood didn't soak through his shirt during the train ride from Paris to Berlin. After all, there was nothing subtle about bleeding on a train from a bullet wound. Thankfully, the bullet hadn't hit anything major but that didn't make it hurt any less.

Which was why, after getting in town and stocking up on first aid supplies, Arthur was standing in front of the mirror with tweezers, a bottle of whiskey and gauze. His soiled shirt currently strewn into the tub, waiting to be burned.

He was waiting for his hands to stop shaking (probably due to the adrenaline and slight blood loss) so he could get on with it when he heard a rather loud knock on the door. "Fuck," he growled, hoping it wasn't some nosy neighbor. Doubtful as most of his neighbors didn't exactly know him from Adam. Which was exactly what he preferred.

Arthur's pants rode low on his hips as he threw on a cleaner shirt. Hopefully the blood wouldn't show in the time it took to get rid of whoever it was at the door. It was only after he checked the peep hole that he exhaled a slow breath and unlocked the double lock then opened the door.

"It's damn good to see you."

The Magic Bunch + 1: Or When Arthur Met Bob

Arthur enjoyed London.

He really enjoyed Europe in general, honestly. It probably helped that the magic community in Europe was a bit more relaxed than those in America (even still) where things were a bit more stringent and forbidden.

He'd grown up in New York, attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardly and after he graduated decided going into the ministry simply wasn't for him, though he'd had offers. He'd always enjoyed a challenge and had found it on the other side of the law...a white collar criminal the muggles would call him.

Arthur mostly dealt in paintings (both muggle and magical alike), rare books and grimoires, jewels, potions... and the odd magical creature a time or two. Honestly, the only time a magical creature came into play was when he saw one being mistreated by those he came across (i.e.: those with too much money who loved having animals simply to have them but knew nothing about them).

The animals hadn't chosen to be there so he always found a way to free them and/or return them to where they needed to be.

Thankfully, he wasn't dealing with magical creatures this time. This time he was looking for a reputable buyer for a selection of dark grimoires he'd nicked back in the States from a muggle who'd had no idea what he'd purchased. It was safer for the good of humanity to not have those books in the hands of a muggle.

That was precisely why Arthur (dressed in a tailored muggle suit) walked into a bar in the middle of the afternoon where a group he'd heard about in passing frequented. Word was that they had actually made it a base of operations. Word also was that if anyone in London knew who to speak to about selling a few rare books, it would be this group.

They would know someone who knew someone.

He felt the wards slide over him, allowing him to pass and likely alerting someone of his presence and likely noting that he too was a wizard. He had a feeling though that both the muggle and magical community likely visited the establishment. For now, it was early enough that it wasn't packed. Still, there was a select number of patrons at the bar, drinking away the afternoon. He assessed the room quickly before making his way over to a table, facing the entrance.

If no one came by this time, he'd just return the next day. Try to get a word to one of the Wild Bunch.
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The Pride of Slytherin - for Draca

Everyone had been shocked when Cassi Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived, was sorted into Slytherin. Even more shocked when it turned out she had become fast and good friends with the Malfoy Heiress, Draca Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin bunch. In fact, when they realized that Cassi wasn't going to be their martyr once Voldemort rose again in her Fourth Year, she became even more popular among the Slytherin's. The rest of Hogwarts? A bit less so.

It was now Fifth Year and the holidays were upon them. She had the perfect gift for Draca, the Malfoys and even one for an additional guest should he be there. The next day, she and the rest of the students leaving to go back to their families would be boarding the Hogwarts Express to return to London where Narcissa would be, undoubtedly waiting for them.

"Usually it's me who is out here at all hours of the day," Cassi called out as she made her way to the Quidditch Pitch, spotting Draca with her broom.
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An open post for anything and everything we've wanted or talked about.

TFLN/Action/Prose/Text/Letters - whichever!

Slytherin!Harry, Cassi - all of the muses are up for grabs. I can either write up a starter or leave something for them here!

For Snape

To Harry, it felt as though hardly any time had passed since that day he was told he was a wizard. Now, here he was, going into his fifth year at Hogwarts with great friends and a mass murderer after him. No matter his position in Slytherin house, nothing changed the fact that he was #1 on Voldemort's hit list.

Especially after the events in the graveyard a couple of months ago.

After the first double potions class, Harry packed away his things and waited for the rest of the class (Gryffindor's and Slytherin's as usual) trickle out, Draco giving him a look in passing.

He wasn't worried.

Although he and Professor Snape weren't always 'friendly', he respected his Head of House. He learned a lot from him.

When the last of his classmates left, Harry stood from his desk and made his way to the front.

'I trust you had a good summer', probably wouldn't fly in this case -- considering Voldemort had returned.

"You wanted to speak with me, sir?"

Holidays: Wishlists and Cards '15

Please send me your address / wish lists and I'll get cards and packages sent to you! I love everyone on my f-list and I would truly love to send something out to all of you.

If you would like a card and/or gift from me, please either leave me a comment (comments are screened so I won't respond) or please, PM me! I don't mind sending cards all over the world, so please don't let that stop you! :)

Also, if I've missed (and I'm sure I have) anyone's card list, please link me!

Dark Marks [01] for Circumpolar

This was not the way Harry Potter had imagined his life to be when he was a first year back at Hogwarts and just learning about this world.

Of course, after that first year and the years following, he thought himself lucky if he made it past Hogwarts in the first place.

It had been five years since the end of the war. The wizarding community was continuing to be rebuilt as the days, months and years went by. He had friends that had been a invaluable support to him during and after the war. Not only that, but he had a strong and beautiful woman who had been by his side since that final battle.

A woman that would be his wife in less than 48 hours.

It wasn't who he had expected by any stretch of the imagination but she had been there and they had grown closer than he ever imagined he would after Draco.

Draco, the boy Harry had considered his best friend for a number of years had ran off at some point during that final battle and he hadn't heard from him since. It had been infuriating but most of all, he had been... upset when he hadn't heard a peep from him the years since.

Harry shook his head and gave himself a look over in the mirror. It didn't do to dwell.

He had never been a vain man but he wanted to make sure the fit and color was just right. It was. He had learned some things over the years being best friends with a boy who made sure he looked impeccable.

He thanked the shop keeper after changing back into his every day robes, hung the dress robes over his arm and left the shop. It was mere minutes later that he returned to the flat he was renting and banished the robes to his closet. Harry took a moment to look around the front room and allowed himself a little smile. It was a far cry from where he started.

He wasn't needed anywhere for another few hours. It was just plenty of time to have some tea and catch up on some communication with friends.

Job: The Classic Switcharoo for ArtfulForger

Sex with Eames was everything he had thought about and had imagined it to be and more.

Much, much more.

They didn't even touch the reason why Eames was in town or the forged painting laid out on the dining room table. Not until the second full day of Eames being there.

Then they got down to business.

Which is where they were at that moment, sitting around the dining room table close together with the bottle of wine opened up beside them. In front of them were blue prints, the invitation and all of the information they could get regarding the Met and this event that would be taking place.

Truth was? Arthur was fucking excited.

It had been at least a year or more since Arthur did something like aiding in a classic switch. Mind crime was one thing. This? This was different.

They had to time this just right in order for it to work successfully.

With both of them on it? He had no doubt that they would succeed.

Arthur took a moment to pour himself a drink then glanced at Eames with a little smile. "I'm glad you called me for this job," he said. "Not just because I get to help you pick out a suit but... because it's been a while since I've had my hand in something like this. It's refreshing."

No Way Back - New Friends [For Artfulforger]

It had been a few days since his conversation with Peter and the resulting conversation with Eames regarding a visit from their new werewolf friend.

To be honest, there was a part of him that was looking forward to this meeting and yet, at the same time, there was a part of him that was reserved about it and truly didn't know what to expect.

The latter feeling was one he was all too familiar with. Considering his job, it was probably to be expected.

Whatever happened, it was sure to be entertaining.

One thing that came out of it though were the bestiaries that Peter had sent to him. Arthur had taken the time to merge them together into one and start the beginning of his own with what Eames and he had come across. Including the journals of Ellen Rimbauer and Joyce Reardon.

That house was forever going to be engrained into their lives. The only good thing that came out of it? Eames.

Arthur turned the desk chair around to face the forger and watched him for a moment. "Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?"

They had been out, of course. Done things together.

But he liked being able to call it a date with Eames.

It wasn't just work anymore. It wasn't running for their lives from both the mortal and now the supernatural sort. It was going out for drinks, dinner -- whatever else they decided to do that day as a couple.

He liked that.

Reincarnates 03: for NeededForger

The town they were settling in for the foreseeable future was nice enough and large enough that they weren't going to stand out too much and be able to blend in pretty easily. Which, for Arthur, was as good as anything else they could expect.

As they had anticipated, the further in the city they went, the more there was available to them. Including an electronics store and a department store where they were bound to find more than novelty glassware and paper plates and anything else they may need for their new abode.

They arrived back at the house later that afternoon after exploring their surroundings, ordering the few things they needed for their home security network and buying new dishware.

It felt domestic, not that it didn't that morning or other times they holed up together, but this felt even more so for reasons he hadn't yet considered.

Once they were inside and settled in, the call to the cable and phone company made, Arthur looked over at Eames. "Do you think it's too much to hope that it was a one time occurrence?" The flash.

After all, since they made a run from the building, they hadn't had another.


meme] Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

I've played [personal profile] bamf_pointman for a little over two years now (if not a little longer) and to be honest, it's probably the longest I've played any fandom character.

So let's celebrate Arthur's birthday!

Any and all are welcome for any situation!

You can start or I can start, just let me know! Just for something fun and enjoyable. No stress, just cake! Lots of cake -- and/or tiramisu.

Arthur loves his tiramisu.

[MEME] The Trope Meme (open to all!)

[Shamelessly stolen from Bakerstreet's very own Trope Meme.]

The Trope Meme

Behind the cut is a list of common fanfiction and role playing tropes. What’s a trope? If we’re getting technical a literary trope is the use of figurative language. But in the case of this meme a trope is commonly recurring literary device or motif, a cliché. There’s a mix of fluffy, sexy, angsty and gen prompts in the list. Here’s how to play:

- Post with Your Character and any preferences from my character list (+ [personal profile] specification, [personal profile] hotheaddick, [personal profile] deceptiveparadox and others I might not have listed yet).
- List any preferences you have. Or list any tropes you absolutely refuse to play.
- Lets play out the tropes to our heart’s content!

Tropes! )

[cont] Rate that ASS meme

[personal profile] artfulforger: That depends. Are you asking about it before or after I claimed it?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: [Gives him a little smirk.]

Lets go with both.

[personal profile] artfulforger: Before was a nine. Now is a why are you showing off what's mine?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: 'Why are you showing off what's mine' is not a number, Mr. Eames.

[There was definitely a teasing tone to his voice as he considered the forger. Definitely giving him a hard time.]
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.The Writer

Name: Amy ([personal profile] sionnach)
Age Group: +21
Time-zone: CST
AIM: notamobboss
Email: PM me

Fandoms: Original, Inception, Reba (TV), Harry Potter, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Layer Cake,
This Means War. - I have a lot of fandoms I like to partake in but these are the fandoms I would most likely RP in,
Genres: Supernatural, AUs (in general are fun), time travel, modern day, historical -- more to come as I think of them.

Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Most of the time, sure! But if there's something serious being discussed at some point, please PM me to make sure that it's okay.
Fourthwalling: Dear-mun it's perfectly fine! But otherwise, probably not so much.
Offensive subjects: I'm usually pretty easy going but if there is something that bothers me, I'd rather we talk about it. If we can't come to a consensus, then we should either move on or end it.


I've been RP'ing for roughly eight years now and started out in Harry Potter. Afterward, I quickly moved onto an original PSL that lasted several years. Recently, within the last year and a half, I've branched out into Inception, Layer Cake and This Means War. I still prefer PSLs over big games but I would still consider a game if it felt right doing so.

My time being what it is, my tags can either be quick or slow. It just depends on what's going on that day and where my head is at. I do try to respond within a reasonable amount of time. That being said, I realize that everyone has a life outside of the computer and outside of RP, therefore I completely understand when there are not quick responses or forgotten threads.

As far as tag lengths go, I'm honestly not picky. I don't expect much and feel it's wholly dependent on the scene, the character and what is going on at that moment in time. I can do anything from a line to five/six paragraphs. I'm very character driven, I love to see the character grow and develop over time depending on the circumstances that they are given. I do love the variance of doing crack memes/threads once in a while.

In all, I am very easy going. Communication is a key however, as in any relationship - RP and/or otherwise. If something isn't working out, I would prefer we talk about it than be left wondering.
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Obligatory Credits/Resources Post

Profile image John & Mario @ tumblr
Default icon base from [ profile] basicbases (I believe)
.Writer image Ruby Press

Play bys
→ Arthur (& all his variations) are played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
→ Eames, Tuck and Clarkie (both Eames (AU) and Clarkie (Canon)) are played by Tom Hardy
→ Mallorie Miles is played by Marion Cotillard
→ Van Montgomery is played by Steve Howey
→ Sebastian Moore is played by Benedict Cumberbatch
→ Alessandra Morgan is played by Jessica Tovey

[ profile] rp_tutorials
Riin's Resources
Fake iPhone Text Generator
Fake iPhone Text Generator No. 2
Destruction/Splatters/Smudge Images
Love Flexible Squares? YOU CAN GET IT ON DW
An online photoshop/photo editor
Icon table generator
Another icon table generator
Misc. links to name databases. AWESOME

MistyWindow - HTML characters
W3Schools - Ref Symbols
Misc. Symbols

Layouts that I love

[ profile] minimally
[ profile] velvetb0x
[ profile] thefulcrum

More to be added.