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Play bys
→ Arthur (& all his variations) are played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
→ Eames, Tuck and Clarkie (both Eames (AU) and Clarkie (Canon)) are played by Tom Hardy
→ Mallorie Miles is played by Marion Cotillard
→ Van Montgomery is played by Steve Howey
→ Sebastian Moore is played by Benedict Cumberbatch
→ Alessandra Morgan is played by Jessica Tovey

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Riin's Resources
Fake iPhone Text Generator
Fake iPhone Text Generator No. 2
Destruction/Splatters/Smudge Images
Love Flexible Squares? YOU CAN GET IT ON DW
An online photoshop/photo editor
Icon table generator
Another icon table generator
Misc. links to name databases. AWESOME

MistyWindow - HTML characters
W3Schools - Ref Symbols
Misc. Symbols

Layouts that I love

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More to be added.
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