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I've played [personal profile] bamf_pointman for a little over two years now (if not a little longer) and to be honest, it's probably the longest I've played any fandom character.

So let's celebrate Arthur's birthday!

Any and all are welcome for any situation!

You can start or I can start, just let me know! Just for something fun and enjoyable. No stress, just cake! Lots of cake -- and/or tiramisu.

Arthur loves his tiramisu.
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[Shamelessly stolen from Bakerstreet's very own Trope Meme.]

The Trope Meme

Behind the cut is a list of common fanfiction and role playing tropes. What’s a trope? If we’re getting technical a literary trope is the use of figurative language. But in the case of this meme a trope is commonly recurring literary device or motif, a cliché. There’s a mix of fluffy, sexy, angsty and gen prompts in the list. Here’s how to play:

- Post with Your Character and any preferences from my character list (+ [personal profile] specification, [personal profile] hotheaddick, [personal profile] deceptiveparadox and others I might not have listed yet).
- List any preferences you have. Or list any tropes you absolutely refuse to play.
- Lets play out the tropes to our heart’s content!

Tropes! )
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[personal profile] artfulforger: That depends. Are you asking about it before or after I claimed it?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: [Gives him a little smirk.]

Lets go with both.

[personal profile] artfulforger: Before was a nine. Now is a why are you showing off what's mine?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: 'Why are you showing off what's mine' is not a number, Mr. Eames.

[There was definitely a teasing tone to his voice as he considered the forger. Definitely giving him a hard time.]
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Current Muse List

Last Updated: April 15, 2017

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Name: Amy ([personal profile] sionnach)
Age Group: +21
Time-zone: CST
AIM: notamobboss
Email: PM me

Fandoms: Original, Inception, Reba (TV), Harry Potter, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Layer Cake,
This Means War. - I have a lot of fandoms I like to partake in but these are the fandoms I would most likely RP in,
Genres: Supernatural, AUs (in general are fun), time travel, modern day, historical -- more to come as I think of them.

Backtagging: Absolutely!
Threadhopping: Most of the time, sure! But if there's something serious being discussed at some point, please PM me to make sure that it's okay.
Fourthwalling: Dear-mun it's perfectly fine! But otherwise, probably not so much.
Offensive subjects: I'm usually pretty easy going but if there is something that bothers me, I'd rather we talk about it. If we can't come to a consensus, then we should either move on or end it.


I've been RP'ing for roughly eight years now and started out in Harry Potter. Afterward, I quickly moved onto an original PSL that lasted several years. Recently, within the last year and a half, I've branched out into Inception, Layer Cake and This Means War. I still prefer PSLs over big games but I would still consider a game if it felt right doing so.

My time being what it is, my tags can either be quick or slow. It just depends on what's going on that day and where my head is at. I do try to respond within a reasonable amount of time. That being said, I realize that everyone has a life outside of the computer and outside of RP, therefore I completely understand when there are not quick responses or forgotten threads.

As far as tag lengths go, I'm honestly not picky. I don't expect much and feel it's wholly dependent on the scene, the character and what is going on at that moment in time. I can do anything from a line to five/six paragraphs. I'm very character driven, I love to see the character grow and develop over time depending on the circumstances that they are given. I do love the variance of doing crack memes/threads once in a while.

In all, I am very easy going. Communication is a key however, as in any relationship - RP and/or otherwise. If something isn't working out, I would prefer we talk about it than be left wondering.
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Profile image John & Mario @ tumblr
Default icon base from [ profile] basicbases (I believe)
.Writer image Ruby Press

Play bys
→ Arthur (& all his variations) are played by Joseph Gordon Levitt
→ Eames, Tuck and Clarkie (both Eames (AU) and Clarkie (Canon)) are played by Tom Hardy
→ Mallorie Miles is played by Marion Cotillard
→ Van Montgomery is played by Steve Howey
→ Sebastian Moore is played by Benedict Cumberbatch
→ Alessandra Morgan is played by Jessica Tovey

[ profile] rp_tutorials
Riin's Resources
Fake iPhone Text Generator
Fake iPhone Text Generator No. 2
Destruction/Splatters/Smudge Images
Love Flexible Squares? YOU CAN GET IT ON DW
An online photoshop/photo editor
Icon table generator
Another icon table generator
Misc. links to name databases. AWESOME

MistyWindow - HTML characters
W3Schools - Ref Symbols
Misc. Symbols

Layouts that I love

[ profile] minimally
[ profile] velvetb0x
[ profile] thefulcrum

More to be added.
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