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[Shamelessly stolen from Bakerstreet's very own Trope Meme.]

The Trope Meme

Behind the cut is a list of common fanfiction and role playing tropes. What’s a trope? If we’re getting technical a literary trope is the use of figurative language. But in the case of this meme a trope is commonly recurring literary device or motif, a cliché. There’s a mix of fluffy, sexy, angsty and gen prompts in the list. Here’s how to play:

- Post with Your Character and any preferences from my character list (+ [personal profile] specification, [personal profile] hotheaddick, [personal profile] deceptiveparadox and others I might not have listed yet).
- List any preferences you have. Or list any tropes you absolutely refuse to play.
- Lets play out the tropes to our heart’s content!

Tropes! )
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[personal profile] artfulforger: That depends. Are you asking about it before or after I claimed it?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: [Gives him a little smirk.]

Lets go with both.

[personal profile] artfulforger: Before was a nine. Now is a why are you showing off what's mine?

[personal profile] bamf_pointman: 'Why are you showing off what's mine' is not a number, Mr. Eames.

[There was definitely a teasing tone to his voice as he considered the forger. Definitely giving him a hard time.]
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